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Scene Suggestions

  1. Vehicle Accident.
  2. Overdose on opioids whether in a car or somewhere else. 
  3. Major car accident, With multiple CIV’S 
  4. Serial bank robber robbing multiple banks.
  5. Suicide on top of billboard cause your wife died last year with your son in a car accident
  6. Meth lab (there is one on top of Ace Liquor and in the basement of the O’Neil Ranch)
  7. Kidnaping.
  8. Cop killer makes 911 calls then stabs officer on scene
  9. Sell used cars for new and steal them back (can use a car dealership or etc)
  10. Gang War
  11. Work at the bank
  12. Car mechanic but break cars even more
  13. Taxi driver
  14. Pilot that transports important cargo
  15. Vehicular Manslaughter
  16. Escape Convict (must start at Bolingbrook Penitentiary and do a 911 call on yourself and must be more than 2-3 LEO on duty)
  17. Trucker transporting large amounts of drugs
  18. Impromptu/illegal street race
  19. Car show (can rp as though you have permission from the property owner of where you host it)
  20. Impersonate a tow truck driver for Donuts Towing and Recovery
  21. Run for mayor of Sandy Shores
  22. . Uber (can also be used as a way to lure murder victims)
  23. Janitor (for the 24/7, Ltd, PD, Sherriff’s Office and etc. )
  24. Insurance Scam (car accident, jumping in front of the vehicle etc)
  25. Get beat with a donut
  26. Steal a Donuts Towing and Recovery vehicle and sell it
  27. Illegal hunting
  28. crazy cat in apartment that attacked owner and needs removed
  29. Body guard (can involve more than two civs and in the process of adding luxury vehicles)
  30. Woman in labor in a car on the highway
  31. Run a small mechanic shop
  32. Mobile salesman who doesn’t take no for an answer. (possibly a foreign accent to increase the character development)
  33. As a mechanic, repair cars and then plant car bombs hidden in the vehicle
  34. A mute character
  35. Run a taco truck where you put weed in the tacos instead of lettuce.
  36. A bake sale but instead of flour it’s cocaine
  37. Cardiac Arrest
  38. Hit and run
  39. MVA with no injuries
  40.  A refusal to leave a property
  41. A warrant for arrest
  42. .Drivers test gone wrong
  43. Home invasion
  44. Drive-by on the LSPD, BCSO or a posted State Trooper
  45. Stolen purse
  46. Stolen Phone
  47. Stolen Items out of car
  48. Attempted robbery
  49. Illegal carrying of a firearm
  50. Suspicious person
  51. Car Fire
  52. Smell of Gas at a store
  53. Sovereign Dip shit citizen
  54. Active Shooter
  55. Become the manager of multiple 24/7’s (or any other small convenience stores)
  56. DUI(Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs)
  57. Bar fight
  58. Block party
  59. Do a ride along with a officer, medic or firefighter(Please consult the highest ranking member of the department before)
  60. Drag race
  61. House hunting(buying a new house and RP as if moving into it)
  62. Buy a new car
  63. Utility Line down
  64. Water Rescue
  65. Plane crash
  66. Massive train wreck on a major road/highway(in the process of testing prop spawning for the train)
  67. Large scale brush fire.
  68. Deliver gas to multiple gas stations
  69. Lost Hiker
  70. Cardiac arrest with a DNR patient.
  71. Rock slide with entrapment.
  72. Money robbery(also allows multiple departments across the state to join in)
  73. Person stuck on toilet.
  74. Fake bomb in the city.
  75. Wild fire spotted in the forest
  76. Haunted car
  77. Car broke down
  78. Offroading with your buddies
  79. Stolen military vehicle (if you plan on using a weaponized vehicle then don’t immediately start blowing up vehicles)
  80. Repossession of a unpaid vehicle
  81. Stolen plane
  82. Damage to rental vehicle.
  83. Theft of rental vehicle.
  84. Refuse to return rental vehicle.
  85. Drugs found in rental vehicle
  86. Unregistered firearms found in vehicle.
  87. Unauthorized modification of rental vehicle.
  88. Kidnapping in rental vehicle
  89. Repo a rental vehicle (Ace Rents employees only)
  90. Rent something from Ace Rents.
  91. Arson on rental vehicle.
  92. Rob a bank, convenience store, or something else with rental vehicle.
  93. Officer gets shot at and is in distress and radio is damaged so either calls 911 or urges civs around him to call 911.
  94. Call 911 Due To bug bombing house and someone isnt breathing cause they stayed inside the house.
  95. Officer overdose on traffic stop from fentinal.
  96. 911 call someone ends up having bleeding on the brain one pupal is dilated more than the other
  97. 911 call hobo peeing on cars as they drive by.
  98. Rob a donut store for donuts instead of cash
  99. Semi truck hydraulic hoses burst in traffic.
  100. Someone holding a granade and is either suicidal or accedently pulled the pin (don’t let go and let it explode)
  101. Friends decide to play at the beach. One of them steps on a land mine and is unable to move. The friends must call bomb squad to defuse the mine.
  102. Friends play at beach one gets bit by a shark.